What’s Wrong with Circumcision?

We Weren’t Into It

The website NORMUK was founded by males who take a different stance against people who circumcise their children a birth. We believe that any intervention against our will or while we were too young to grasp the ramifications was a grave breach of our rights because our adult bodies are for us to make our own decisions about.

The membership of NORMUK today includes both men and women from a variety of backgrounds, including parents, intact males (who have a lot to say about their foreskins), and members of many ethnic and religious groups.

Don’t Need It

Two thirds of the therapeutic circumcisions performed by the NHS are unnecessary, according to at least five studies. According to Michael Wilks of the BMA, most “medical” circumcisions are “unnecessary and premature.” Wilks made this admission on the BBC. There is a 90% chance that a man who had his foreskin removed in the UK, and are now forced to restore, for medical reasons could have done so without using cream or engaging in stretching exercises for a few weeks.

Why we don’t Like It

According to studies, the five most delicate sections of the penis are cut away during circumcision, and 27% to 38% of men who had their circumcisions as adults claimed that their sexual function had been harmed. This may understate the likelihood of sexual dysfunction in men who had their circumcisions as healthy neonates because the majority of these guys sought circumcision because of a penile issue. In addition to physical losses, there are psychological ones as well, and men who are intact are frequently all too eager to express how much they love their skin.

Despite all of that, few individuals would attempt to contest the fact that circumcision significantly alters the sight and feel of a penis forever, therefore…

It should be our own Personal Decision

People make dozens of intellectual justifications for the circumcision of young boys, from claims that it prevents various diseases and improves sexual intercourse to insistence that it is a religious right or that parents must be allowed to whatever they like to their children. In reality, many of our members have turned to an extreme penis pump to regain the sensitivity that they lost shortly after birth.

Whether you want to believe any of these things or not, you cannot deny that the penis is a personal part of a man’s body, and that it should be for that man and that man alone to make a properly informed choice about having it surgically altered. As the penis is an adult piece of equipment central to sexual activity, it follows that this choice can only be made when the man is old enough to fully understand the implications.

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The intent of all NORMUK content is to provide knowledge for educational purposes only. It is not meant to be interpreted as medical or legal advice . Always speak with a physician before applying any recommendations seen on NORMUK, or anywhere else on the internet.

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