Only One of the Property Brothers Is Circumcised?!

The famous HGTV Property Brother stars aren’t just siblings. They are identical twins, with Jonathan being only four minutes older. They’ve been candid about their mother not believing she was pregnant with twins until Drew came out after Jonathan.

With NORMUK being a site dedicated to Men’s Sexual Health, we found it very interesting to learn about the differences between the Property Brothers. In fact, even the Scott brothers were surprised to learn about the others’ circumcision status.

Telling The Identical Scott Brothers Apart

Jonathan and Drew Scott confessed that their spoken language is the key to identifying them over the phone. Drew joked that Jonathan tries to come off as more educated and demanding over the phone.

In an old Glamour interview, the Property Brothers talked about how their mom tells them apart:

Jonathan Scott: “She said I use bigger words.”

Drew Scott: “I’ve been seeking therapy ever since.”

With the Property brothers married to/dating a different woman, it’s not super hard to tell them apart when they’re in public. Jonathan Scott is currently dating Zooey Deschanel, while Drew is married to Linda Pham.

They also have different facial hair so these days it’s not difficult to tell them apart. However in an interview, the Property Brothers revealed there’s a different way of telling them apart, their penis.

Are The Property Brothers Circumcised?

Only one of the Property Brothers, Drew, is circumcised. In a very interesting deleted ‘This American Life‘ podcast from 2020, Drew and Jonathan Scott discovered they had different a circumcision status.

Drew and Jonathan Scott Brothers

When questioned about it, Drew admitted to the podcast hosts that he was circumcised. Nothing was out of the ordinary until Jonathan Scott’s fascinating reaction to what his brother said.

Jonathan told his brother that he wasn’t circumcised, leaving both of the Scott brothers questioning each other, assuming the other was kidding.

Apparently this had never came up in discussion before, and the topic left both wondering why the Scott brothers’ parents made different decisions for identical twins. They mentioned they would ask their mom about the reasoning.

The funniest part about the whole situation was that they weren’t even aware they had different circumcision statuses until asked publicly.

Uncircumcised and Circumcised Brothers

It’s not uncommon for one brother to be circumcised and another to be intact. Usually this is a decision made by both parents, but obviously the mother tends to side with the father due to lack of experience.

Typically in situations like this, the brothers have different fathers but not always. Some men are very outspoken regarding their stance on circumcision, so in the case of brothers with different fathers, one father may want his son to be circumcised while the other doesn’t.

If you or someone you know will be in a situation like this in the near future, it’s crucial to weigh your options carefully. According to the Food and Drug Association (FDA), there are several medical benefits to circumcision so it’s important to discuss everything with a doctor before making the decision to have your son circumcised or not.

Many uncut guys have never had a medical problem with their penis, and some believe that cutting the foreskin impairs sexual pleasure. Some women get their kids circumcised because they don’t want him to feel excluded, or for social reasons.

Issues like eczema on penis, phimosis and balanitis are foreskin problems both circumcised and uncircumcised men can run into.

Why It Matters

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Rachel Wang, NP

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