What’s a DIY Penis Pump & How Can I Make One at Home?

Last updated 2/16/2023

A penis pump is an efficient solution therapy for erectile dysfunction which reduces the dangers and adverse effects associated with ED medicines, IV treatments, and surgery. Yet, because these vacuum erection systems can be expensive or difficult to get, some men choose to create their own DIY penis pump.

What’s a DIY penis pump? A DIY penis pump is a vacuum pump created from leftover materials from homemade projects. There are limitations to how safe you can make homemade creations, therefore creating your own penis pump isn’t clinically encouraged by members of our staff.

Also, there’s a few things you should know before we get started. Vacuum penile pumps are devices which promote blood flow into the penis by using vacuum suction tech by siphoning air from a tube to create pressure.

Air vacuum pumps maintain erection by inserting a constriction ring (cock ring) into the penile base, whereas hydro penis pumps are generally safer. However, both air suction pumps and water penis pumps have the same risks when used improperly.

What To Know Before Making A Homemade Penis Pump

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects are excellent methods to save cash while also making use of what you already have in your house. There are many products, tools, and equipment that originated as DIY creations and are now legitimate business goods, even penis pumps.

You can easily save money and make your own homemade penis pump with things you already have in your home. If you already have a 16-ounce soda or sports drink bottle, a big water bottle, a plastic tube, and gauze pads – you’re in great shape! If not, you can surely visit your local hardware store and tell them about all the supplies you need to make a homemade penis pump.

However, it’s important to remember that DIY penis pumps aren’t effective for penis enlargement or ED treatment, but they’re fun and feel great! So, if you want to make homemade penis pumps, keep reading and follow the simple instructions provided.

Although penis pumps were invented by a doctor based on medically sound notions about sexual health, modern modifications were inspired by do-it-yourself projects. The Bathmate’s hydro penis pump is a classic example of a DIY pump that became a commercial success. The Bathmate pump is a water penis pump that uses hydro-vacuum technology to produce pressure around the penis.

Please note: we’ve only included safe methods in this how to make a homemade penis pump article. There are plenty of other ways to create homemade penis pumps, but we believed they were a little to dangerous and involved an electric pump and squeeze pump.

Required Materials

We encourage you to keep reading after homemade dick pump tutorials to learn more about penis pumps, safety precautions, and how to use a vacuum pump properly.

Materials Needed To Make a DIY Penis Pump
Materials Needed To Make a DIY Penis Pump

After you read the Required Materials for the homemade penis pump, it’s time to prepare the supplies to construct your own homemade penis pump. Let’s get you your very own DIY Penis Pump.

  • Drill
  • Sponge
  • Robust duct tape – Flex / Gorilla Tape will do
  • A lidded, plastic bottle
  • Portable vacuum pump for use in automobiles
  • Plastic tube
  • Silicone sealant (Or another leak-proof material)

Quick Tip: Use any plastic bottle, cylinder, or container that closely matches the size of your penis while looking for a vessel to make your penis pump. The food-grade plastic used in water bottles and storage containers is safe for human consumption.

Additionally, the plastic cylinder included in a brake kit is ideal for your homemade penis pump if you have an average penis size.

How to Make a DIY Penis Pump

Step-By-Step Instructions

DIY Instruction #1: Drill A Hole
Step 1

1. Drill a hole in the water bottle’s base that is equal in size to the plastic tubing. Advice: Insert each drill bit into the end of the tubing to determine its proper size. Find the size right for you, it should fit snugly.

DIY Penis Pump Instruction #2: Trace on Sponge
Step 2

2. Take your sponge and trace the bottle opening after turning the water bottle over. Place the sponge to the side so you can work on it later (while sealant dries).

Step 3

3. Take the plastic tubing’s end and use a clear sealer to cover the exterior 1/4 inch.

4. Insert the tube connecting into the water bottle’s bottom hole that you just drilled. It ought to be cozy. To make it properly sealed it needs to be airtight, apply sealant to the circular hole where the tube enters.

Step 4

Step 5: The water bottle should be turned on its side in order for the plastic tubing to seal into the opening straight. Follow the drying instructions on the sealant of your choosing.

Step 6

Step 6: Go back to the sponge you previously traced. Just outside the circle you previously drew, remove the center using scissors.

Step 7
Step 7

Step 7: To mold the sponge into a doughnut, cut off the center using scissors. Leave a thick outer ring using the sponge, since this will protect your penis at the base of the pump. The sponge piece should look similar to this:

What Sponge Should Look Like
What Sponge Should Look Like

Step 8: Place the sponge’s round edge over the water bottle’s mouth. Alternately, if it fits too snugly, cut the circular in one place to make a strip of sponge.

Step 9: Wrap the sponge around the water bottle’s mouth, ensuring sure there is enough sponge for each side to fold over. After that, cut a piece of durable duct tape. I used a well-known infomercial brand that won’t readily come free.

Step 9

Step 10: Pull the sponge ends together, then tape the sponge ring in place. As you apply the tape, make sure to fold the sponge over the water bottle’s rim. Both the bottle’s inside and outside have the tape smoothed out.

Steps 10 & 11
Steps 10 & 11

Step 11: Continue wrapping the bottle in tape strips, ensuring sure they overlap and are securely adhered to both the interior and exterior of the bottle. Tape placed along the brim can help the other tape that’s already attached adhere better.

When done, your final product should resemble something like this:

What the Tape Around Water Bottle Brim Should Look Like
What the Tape Around Brim Should Look Like

Step 12: Attach the other end of the tube to a car hand pump or any kind of pump that created pressure like a bicycle pump. You can put your penis inside because your homemade penis pump is prepared for use!

Final DIY Penis Pump Image
Finalized DIY Penis Pump

After the DIY excitement is over and you have your homemade penis pump, let’s get into information you should be aware of prior to using a penis pump. But first, let’s briefly go over how to use your new creation.

How to Use Your New DIY Penis Pump

  1. Enter the shower and let the water run until the sponge is saturated.
  2. Put the sponge within the penis.
  3. Put the plunger’s opening up against your crotch.
  4. Push the plunger handle toward your body while still holding it. Water will spill out.
  5. A suction should be formed if you loosen your hold on the handle.
  6. Repeat the previous two procedures if there is not enough pull.
  7. Hold your position until you have an erection.
  8. Simply place your finger beneath the plunger’s lip to relieve the suction.


If you have trouble getting suction, make sure the hole you drilled is sealed airtight against the based of your penis. Also make sure that you are pressing the top firmly against your body.

If you’d like to learn more check out our other posts on the fundamentals of penis pumps, the dangers and injuries with penis enlargement, and how to use a penis pump.

Advantages of a Non-DIY Water Penis Pump

Unlike a homemade penile pump, professionally made water penis pumps provide higher assurances of safety and performance.

Investing in a penis pump from a reputable manufacturer is well worth the extra money if it protects you from hazards and side effects while increasing your effectiveness. The following are the advantages of market-available penis pumps:

  • Doctor approved: Commercially available penis pumps are subjected to the scrutiny of the FDA to guarantee that they meet the criteria for the quality of materials used as well as the pressure choices that can be applied to the penis.
  • Release Valve:  Arguably the most important safety feature is a pressure-release valve to prevent or limit the incidence of unwanted effects, commercially available penile pumps incorporate a quick-release function that allows the penis to be rapidly released from the inflated cylinder.
  • Pressure Settings: Since it’s mandatory that pumps sold on the market correspond with regulations, penis pumps supplied in the market provide pressure settings that are optimum for producing a stronger erection, as well as safe to decrease the hazards and risks associated with using the vacuum erection device.
  • Flexibility: Penis pumps on the market provide a variety of alternatives; you may select between a manual penis pump and an automated penis pump, or even a water pump and an air pump.
  • Premium components: Penis Pumps available on the market have good cylinder quality, which decreases the chance of fracturing under pressure and damaging the penis in the process. Materials are also purchased from reputed producers rather than a typical neighborhood hardware shop. Also, a commercially available penis pump will undoubtedly have a tighter seal than a DIY pump.

All of these things are the qualities to look for when purchasing a penis pump in store, since we don’t recommend using the DIY penis pump for an extended period of time. It’s meant for you to get a feel for what a penis pump will feel like, but it’s not a long-term solution like a high-quality penis pump is.

What is a Penis Pump Used for?

Sometimes even the guy with the biggest dick wants a larger one. Those who practice minimalism may be the exception, but the rest of us desire more, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s also referred to as a vacuum pump because it uses a vacuum seal to build-up pressure within an airtight tube.

A penis pump works by using suction power to draw blood into the penis, resulting in better blood-flow and causing penis size to appear larger. Read more about whether penis pump gains are permanent or not in our latest article on the subject.

It was created to aid men with erectile dysfunction and PE. A water penis pump engorges the blood vessels by surrounding it with warm water, and boosts penis girth and penis length temporarily.

Making your penis larger, even if only temporarily, contributes to your partner’s enjoyment. For me, that’s all I really need to hear to give something a try.

Whether it’s sex toys, a cock ring, or a homemade penis pump using vacuum cleaner and rubber tube, there’s nothing I won’t try to improve the sex life and sexual health of someone I love!

How Do DIY Penis Pumps Compare to a Real Penis Pump?

If you haven’t seen a vacuum penis pump before, it’s just a clear plastic tube that you lay over on penis to cause blood flow surge to the area. The makeshift penis pumps & DIY cock pump we made above isn’t comparable to a more durable penis pump like bathmate.

It feels cool but a homemade pump is basically useless for penis enlargement and penis pasta (ED) treatment. A high quality penis pump can cost anywhere from $80 to $200, and in some cases much more.

Ones might be purchased for less, but if you want a more affordable product, you might as well construct one yourself. It will cost you nearly nothing, but it will be at least as effective as a cheap one.

Making a DIY penis pump is simple enough. And making one at home from scratch should be fairly simple if you have two hands and supplies laying around the house.

Closing Thoughts

There’s plenty of ways to create a makeshift penis pump, but it’s important to practice safety. A homemade dick pump shouldn’t be taken lightly just because it’s a DIY creation.

Just because you can create an airtight seal with a vacuum hose, empty plastic bottle and vacuum cleaner cord or vacuum hose from the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean it’s the best option.

Consider getting a legitimate, medically classified one to guarantee your safety! Feel free to check out all of our penis pump reviews to get a gauge on the type of things you should look for in an FDA approved vacuum penis pump.

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