Bathmate Hydromax 7 Review – My Results After 3 Months

Ryan Pacheco

Ryan Pacheco

Being a sexologist, the most common question I get from male clients is:

“Does male enhancement work? Will I actually get results?”

Yes but what’s your timeline?

2 months? 2 weeks? Before your date this weekend? Then no.

Do yourself a favor, don’t buy into sleazy marketing claims like:

"Grow Your Dick 3 Inches in 3 Weeks!"

Similar to fitness, gains are not going to happen overnight.

I had interesting results after only 3 months of use. 

Better than I expected, but if I stopped today I’d lose progress. With consistency though, real size gains are achievable.

Especially when used correctly and safely. Just make sure you have a realistic time horizon.

I used the Hydromax7 for 3 months straight.

Let’s just say… I’m keeping my pumping routine for the foreseeable future.

This is my honest review – the good, the bad, and most importantly my Bathmate results.

I’ll also explain the routine I used. Let’s get into it.

At A Glance

Hydromax 7 Rating - 4.5 Out of 5 stars



Product Highlights


Bathmate Hydromax7


* Medically Classified

* Pressure Release Valve

* Bellows System

* Removable Comfort Pad

* Measuring Gauge

* Grooming and Cleaning Kit Available


* Fairly Priced Relative to Competitors

My Experience With The Hydromax Penis Pump

My Experience with the Hydromax7

Writing for one of the biggest men’s sexual health blogs has it’s benefits.

Not many people can say they got to test out the biggest brand in penis pumps as their job, but here I am.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no novice when it comes to pumping.

I’ve used a few in the past but they were mostly low-quality plastic air pumps, so you can imagine my excitement when I got the Hydromax sent my way.

Bathmate developed their pumps to assist men with penis related problems.

However, some men have other intentions when they purchase.

Like I mentioned before, the most frequent question I get is “Will I see size gains from using a penis pump?”

For the vast majority of my career I answered with a firm “No”.

Not because it’s impossible, but because most men aren’t prepared to take the steps to accomplish real gains.

When guys realize they’re not getting results as quickly as expected, they get impatient. 

Then they push the limit by pumping multiple times a day, resulting in injury.

Adding inches in volume is only realistic if you have a 1 to 2 year time horizon.

How Does It Feel?

The pressure inside the Hydromax7 makes it feel as if your penis is expanding outward. It’s a feeling that’s hard to understand until you feel it yourself, but it doesn’t hurt at all.

Filling the pump with warm water is soothing and relaxing, not quite like a vagina but similar.

I used a few devices back in my college days but I never tried a hydraulic water pump until now.

I was expecting it to feel like an air hand pump but I was wrong.

TakeawayBathmate Hydro Pumps feel natural compared to air pumps.

Preparing To Use Bathmate Penis Pump

In the pros and cons section, one of the negatives I listed is constant need to manscape.

This isn’t a complaint specifically about Bathmate though, you’ll run into this issue with all pumps on the market.

To be prepared to use the pump, you need to trim pubic hair short. A penis pump requires suction to work as intended which means you’ll need to tame the beast, so to speak.

You don’t need to be completely shaved but the base of the pump needs to be in contact with your skin.

Takeaway: Trim your pubic hair one or two times per week to get proper suction.

If you already trim on a regular basis you won’t have an issue. It was a blast from the past for me though.  I haven’t manscaped this frequently since college.

How To Use The Bathmate Hydromax 7

I did a ton of research before I even received it in the mail. Research is good for safety but learning how to use a pump is easy.

Simply put, the Bathmate Hydromax Pump is a tube you fill with water and put your penis inside of.

The ridged silicone and comfort pad at the base of the pump controls the pressure level during a pumping session.

Comfort Pad and Ridged Silicone

Pressing the pump all the way down to your pubic bone (until the ridges can no longer be seen) would create maximum pressure.

The small button at the top is a latch valve which releases pressure so your penis is never in danger.

How to Use Hydromax 7
Take It Slow At First

If you test pressure levels a bit you’ll see why you should avoid the maximum pressure.

At least until you get more experience. It’s an extremely powerful penis pump.

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for… my results.

Bathmate Results After 3 Months

I separated the results section in two parts – short term and long term results.

The short term results are things I noticed directly after pumping. Long term results are my measurements at the beginning and end.

Short Term Results

After I finished my first pumping session, my dick was a little heavier than normal. Like there was more blood flowing to it.

I’d compare the feeling to lifting weights, not sore but full of blood.  On my first pump, the feeling only lasted about 30 minutes.

Over the course of the following weeks my erection quality increased dramatically.

It was hard to believe at first because I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my erections in the first place.

Bathmate Results

At the end of the first month I started getting random rock-hard erections throughout the day, even when I wasn’t thinking about sex.

As I progressed further in my routine, I noticed the increased blood flow after each session lasting longer and longer. By the end of the second month it was lasting until my next pump, a full 2 days.

This is the point I started noticing erect gains. Until this point the only difference in size I saw was when my penis was flaccid.

Long Term Results

I measured my penis size a week before using the Bathmate Hydromax Pump, then after 3 months of use. Here are the results:

Starting Size Ending Size Difference
Flaccid Length
4.15 in / 10.54 cm
4.54 in / 11.53 cm
0.39 in / 0.99 cm
Flaccid Girth
3.91 in / 9.93 cm
4.42 in / 11.23 cm
0.51 in / 1.30 cm
Erect Length
5.85 in / 14.86 cm
6.08 in / 15.44 cm
0.23 in / 0.58 cm
Erect Girth
4.73 in / 12.01 cm
5.06 in / 12.85 cm
0.33 in / 0.84 cm

Honestly, I’m not sure what to think. I did not expect to see penis growth to this extent in only 3 months. 

I’m already imagining the comments I’ll get from men who expected more.

 “It’s only 0.23″ in erect penis length, stop exaggerating bro.”

Me? I’m blown away by the results. I even re-measured three times just to make sure I’m not going crazy.

Do I think the 3 month results are permanent? Honestly, no. I don’t think these are permanent gains yet. Actually, I’m confident if I stopped today I’d lose some.

But I knew by the end of the second month it wasn’t all hype. The increased blood circulation was lasting for days but when I started it only lasted 30 minutes.

I saw the vision and realized how it worked. The increased circulation is exponential.

I understand now – consistency is the name of the game.  One thing to keep in mind is my flaccid gains showed before erect.

I noticed a difference in my flaccid penis length and girth fairly quickly but erect gains took longer.

Takeaway: If you’re noticing flaccid growth but not erect, don’t get discouraged. This is the time to be consistent, gains are around the corner.

Obviously I was paying attention to every minor change during this experiment. The real question is, did my female companions notice a difference?

Did Women Notice?

Yes and no. Six months ago I broke up with my ex-girlfriend and have been living the single life to the fullest, pun intended.

My sex life improved a lot over the last few months. I’ve been seeing three women, once or twice per week each.

I haven’t told them about my Hydromax experiment yet. Not because I’m embarrassed, I just don’t know them yet.

All three complimented my newfound stamina within my first month of using the penis pump.

However, I didn’t receive any remarks about my size increase until recently.

Did Women Notice?

I was at a bar with a few buddies when I ran into my ex who was out with her friends. Against my better judgement I ended up at her place.

One thing led to another and before I knew it we were on her couch hooking up.

The second I dropped my pants the first words out of her mouth were:

“Woah, did your dick get bigger?”

I brushed it off with “Sounds like you missed me” but in my head I felt so vindicated.

Until this point I was slightly disappointed no girls mentioned it. A couple times I even doubted whether gains I noticed were real or in my head.

Was I going crazy looking for minor increases? Was it placebo? What if nothing actually changed? Maybe I measured my starting size wrong on accident?

I was fired up. My ex and I went on to have the best sex we ever had. It was great but more like a final goodbye, not make-up sex.

Still, at the end of the 3 months none the women I’m dating have mentioned anything about my size increase.

However, all three talked about how much my bedroom confidence turned them on.

I’m a sexologist and know my way around a woman’s body, but compliments are rare.

Without question, the penis pump played a massive role in getting my head straight post-breakup, as well as boosting my confidence in the sheets.

What Stood Out

What Stood Out When Using Bathmate

Medically Classified

There’s a reason the Hydromax Series is the best-selling penis pump. There are only a few medically classified pumps on the market and the Hydromax 7 is one of them.

For me, this was a requirement.  There’s a 0% chance I’d consider using a penile enhancement device without approval.

Especially with the amount of people dropshipping low-quality garbage in 2023, platforms like Amazon & Ebay were off the table for me.

Penis pumps are devices created to help erectile function. The last thing you want is to risk permanently injuring your dick because you wanted to save a few bucks.

If you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford a medically classified device, don’t get one.

Seriously. It’s not worth the risk.

Build Quality

All the Bathmate products have a high-quality appearance and feel.

The price seemed a little excessive at first, but after using it for an extended period of time, it’s totally justified.

The plastic doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. The second I held it in my hand I knew it was built for the long-term. After 3 months, I can confidently say it will last for years. Even if I use it daily.

I’m the guy who shattered four iPhones in two years, trust me when I say the Bathmate is hard to break.

Erectile Function

Hydromax was created to assist men having difficulty obtaining erections. Penis pumps are believed to help erectile dysfunction.

It helped increase my erection quality and stamina while restoring my confidence in the bedroom.

It’s not that I wasn’t confident before, it’s that I wasn’t 100% sure my dick would get hard when things got heated.

Water Based Technology for Safety

When submerged in water, the penis relaxes, allowing for blood to flow more freely and avoid bruising.

Because water around your junk offers a more sufficient and uniform pressure level, hydro based systems tend to be safer.

Just be sure not to pump too frequently or for too long of a duration. Especially if you’re a beginner.

Shower Strap Accessory

The shower strap came with the package and I’m so glad it did. It makes the entire process so much easier.

It frees up your hands so you don’t have to hold the penis pump in place, turning the bathmate into a shower-mate.

Super necessary if you want to multitask in the shower or bath.

How To Choose The Right Bathmate Pump

Bathmate offers product options to men of all shapes and sizes. Here’s a list of the highlights for each pump they offer:

Bathmate Hydro Pump Series

Hydro Pump 7 Series
  • Cheapest Bathmate pump, but 35% less suction than Hydromax.

  • Comes in single size that fits 5 inch to 7 inch penises.

  • Three Color Options.

Bathmate Hydromax Series

Bathmate Hydromax7
  • Best-Selling Pump

  • 5 sizes for different lengths and girths.

  • Size options range 3 to 9 inches

  • More powerful than Hydro series

  • Price difference slightly higher than Hydro series

  • Three Color Options.

Bathmate HydroXtreme Series

  • Most Powerful Bathmate Pump

  • Several Size Selections.

  • Convenient handball pump.

  • Suction stronger than that of the Hydromax Series.

If you want to read more about other pumps Bathmate offers, check out our Bathmate review for HydroXtreme and Hydro series.

Other Penis Pumps

Although the Hydromax 7 reviews as one of the highest rated pumps on our site, there are plenty with positive reviews.

My Bathmate Routine

Before I got it in the mail, I had already started doing research online. Learning how to use the pump properly is easy.

What wasn’t easy, was figuring out the best bathmate routine for my experience level.

During my research on various forums and reddit threads, I learned how many different penis pumping routines exist.

Some guys pumping multiple times a day, and others saying 2 to 3 pumping sessions per week is their max.

Instead of copying people with years of experience, I chose to go the safer route and use a beginner pumping routine similar to the one in the user manual.

My pumping routine started with 15 minutes of pumping every other day, increasing frequency & duration over time.

This was my Bathmate routine:

Duration & Frequency
Week 1-3
Pump every other day for 2 to 3 minutes flaccid. Then remove pump and massage penis for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat for a maximum of 15 minutes total.
Week 4-6
Pump four times per week for 2 to 3 minutes flaccid. Then remove pump and massage penis for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat for a maximum of 15 minutes total.
Week 7-12
Pump five times per week for 2 to 3 minutes flaccid. Then remove pump and massage penis for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat for a maximum of 15 minutes total. Increase frequency by one every other week until your are pumping daily (Week 11).

Do not exceed 15 minutes pump time in any 24 hour period.

Oftentimes less is more, so be sure to give your penis the rest it needs to recover. Don’t go overboard.


How To Clean Hydromax?

After usage, clean your Bathmate pump with the official bathmate cleaning kit and soapy water. Alternatively you can use any type of toy cleaner for sex toys, it does the same job.

The purpose of carefully cleaning the Hydromax is to avoid bacterial infections. After all your effort, a red, painful, and irritated dick is hardly the desired outcome.

The Hydromax7 has a couple components: the cylinder & comfort padding. When I clean my pump, I disassemble it and give it a thorough rinse.

Then I clean the toy by washing the comfort pads and cylinder with a clean washer. Bathmate pumps dry quickly & are ready for storage in a matter of hours.

The capsule case is a storage case for the Hydromax. It’s one item that may be worth purchasing if you plan to store the pump between usage.

I found it useful since I didn’t tell my female companions about the purchase. It’s an easy way to keep close without getting bombarded with questions.

Check out our tutorial on how to clean bathmate for an in-depth guide and walk through on cleaning a penis pump.

Are There Other Useful Bathmate Accessories?

Yes, you can even get a discount on some accessories with your Hydromax purchase. Here’s a list of all accessories on the Bathmate website:

  • Bathmate Shower Strap (hands-off experience)

  • Measuring gauge & tool to check progress along the way

  • Grooming Kit

  • Cleaning Kit

  • Replacement parts

  • Lube

  • Cock rings

  • Guaranteed warranty

Who Is The Hydromax For?

If your erect penis measures between 3 and 9 inches, the Hydromax Series is for you.

It’s perfect for men who want to help ED and improve erectile tissue health, as well as maintain or build size.

If you don’t get frequent erections as you get older, your dick won’t work like it use to. Or even worse, shrink.

Bathmate pumps are ideal for men who want to keep their dick active as they age – ‘use it or lose it’, if you will.

More information about different penis pumps can be found in our post about the best penis pumps.

Who Isn't It For?

You don’t need this product if your wife or girlfriend has trouble handling your penis as is.

If you’re completely satisfied with your sex life, performance in the bedroom and penis size, there’s no need to pursue any form of male enhancement in the first place!

Furthermore, in order to see benefits from a penis pump, dedication is required.

If you’re unable to commit time weekly to use the pump, don’t waste your money.

Where To Buy Hydromax?

The only place we recommend buying Bathmate products is on the official website.

There are tons of stores and ecommerce platforms (online sex stores, Amazon, etc.) that carry fake or knock off Bathmate pumps so be sure you’re purchasing directly from the source or wholesalers listed on their site.

How We Rate Penis Pump Products

The NORMUK team rates these products by the following features:

  • Safety – 0 to 5 stars

    • Is the product medically classified?

    • Is the brand well-known and trusted?

  • Value For Money – 0 to 5 stars

    • Are you getting you money’s worth?

    • Is the product priced comparably to competitors?

  • Ease of Use – 0 to 5 stars

    • How easy is the product to use?

    • Does it take a long time to set up or put away?

  • Build Quality – 0 to 5 stars

    • Do the suppliers use quality materials?

    • Will the pump last?

Read more about how we rate Penis Pumps on our product criteria page.

Bottom Line

4.5 Star Rating

The Hydromax7 is the perfect introduction to those new to penis pumps. It’s beginner friendly. A penis pump rated 4.5 out of 5 stars is incredible by our standards.

Thanks for reading my Bathmate Hydromax review.  My Bathmate results exceeded expectations to the point that I’m considering the HydroXtreme to test the difference.

My colleagues on the NORMUK team are currently reviewing the other pumps that bathmate has to offer. Be sure to check out their bathmate reviews for the Hydro Series and HydroXtreme Series.

I’ll continue my Hydromax pumping routine for the foreseeable future, as well as experiment with advanced routines.

I’m excited to see what the future holds and the results I’ll achieve. Dante recently posted a deep dive into this in his does bathmate make permanent gains article.

I might even make an updated post with pictures that show my results going forward. Comment below if that’s something you want to see or if I should keep it in my pants!

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