Does Bathmate Give Permanent Results?

In his review, Ryan mentioned he didn’t think the results he saw after 3 months of use were permanent gains yet. What did he mean by that?

Well, there’s a ton of factors that play into gains and it’s not cut and dry. In this article, we’ll review the factors that play into achieving penis size and what makes temporary results vs permanent gains.

The first question we need to answer is…

Can Any Penis Pump Provide Long Term Enlargement?

Yes and no. Comparing a medically classified penis pump like Bathmate to a low-quality pump sold on Amazon isn’t an equal comparison at all.

It’s like asking if a Lamborghini and Toyota provide the same driving experience. All penis pumps aren’t created equal, nor do they have the same medical classifications.

There’s a degree of naivety to many people seeking penis enlargement online. However, it’s easy prevent yourself from falling victim to sleazy salesmen.

Avoid Shady Marketing Tactics In Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement ‘companies’ are popping up almost daily in 2023. Except they’re not actual companies, they’re drop-shipping cheap plastic pumps from China and slapping a label on it.

Some are easy to identify but most aren’t. They use e-commerce giants like Amazon to legitimize their brand, then go undercover on Reddit threads and forum posts to give biased opinions.

The best-selling penis pump is the Hydromax Bathmate pump, and it isn’t without reason.

Bathmate Key Differences

What sets Bathmate apart? Bathmate is one of the first companies in their field to legitimize themselves through medical classification.

Another thing Bathmate has over their competition is a squeaky clean history. The company been around for years and is an industry leader for water penis pumps. Hydro penis pumps are considered to be safer than air pumps.

Bathmate originally created their penis pumps to help men with erectile function, but some men are only interested in a Bathmate for the potential size gains.

Do Bathmate Pumps Make Permanent Results?

Do Bathmate Pumps Give Permanent Results?
Does Bathmate Give Permanent Results?

Well, is muscle gain permanent? No, you need to consistently put effort into the gym to maintain muscle. Penis pumps create gains in the same fashion. You’ll have to continue relying on it to maintain progress, just like exercise.

However no matter what your age is, you can expect noticeable effects while using the Bathmate. But how do you achieve results? What matters is consistency over the long haul and penis pumping with intention.

Not to mention safety. You probably won’t achieve a permanent increase if you’re pumping with max pressure several times a day, multiple days a week. Scheduling rest time is vital for progress, that’s why you need an effective bathmate routine.

What Are Realistic Expectations?

I would suggest a realistic approach and start with a goal of gaining 1 to 1.5 inches. The 3 month results Ryan got using the Hydromax 7 was 0.35 inches, not bad at all but I wouldn’t expect to keep gaining at that rate. I’d expect the gains to slow down the more experienced I got.

Approximate Expected Bathmate Results Timeline Chart
Approximate Expected Bathmate Results Graph

Men who pump consistently over a long period of time typically gain 1 to 1.5 – inches. However, it requires a bit of time. Newcomers should be quick to show improvements, but you can expect to lose those gains if you stop having regular bathmate sessions.

Bathmate Routines To Maximize Results

Ensure you’re making the right decisions and emphasizing safety, there’s no need to do an extreme penis pump binge especially if you’re a beginner. Read our full guide on how to get permanent gains from pumping routines so you understand the best practices. We won’t beat the topic to death but we’ll give a high level overview.

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Routines

If you want the best from your bathmate you need a good routine that fits your needs. A good routine is not measured by how long your penis is, but the time and effort it takes for improvement. Bathmate users are classified as follows:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

There’s a bathmate routine for best results in each experience category, but only after trying routines for yourself will you know which is right for you.

They depend not so much on penis length and penis size as on the time you use Bathmate and how frequently you pump. Just don’t go overboard and try an extreme penis pump routine. It’s not safe and should be avoided at all costs. It’s easy to tell if you’re over-pumping. Are you noticing better erection quality, or are you noticing weak erections?

How often should I use Hydromax?

How often should I use Hydromax?

As a beginner I’d suggest using the Hydromax for five minutes at a time, then taking a one to two minute break before doing another two sessions for a total of 15 minutes. This is the same routine Ryan used to obtain the 3 month results update.

But I want to get permanent gains fast! That’s what they all say. For optimal results, you can use your water pump for 5 minutes or with three sessions for 15 minutes. It’s important to let your junk rest, don’t over-do it before you start seeing progress. To achieve maximum benefits using Bathmate, we strongly advise only doing 10-15 minute exercise daily.

How long does it take to grow an inch Bathmate?

Based on my experience thus far, I’d say 1 inch in 1 year is doable. Don’t expect insane results right out of the gate. The company made these products with patented technology helped millions worldwide, and none of it would’ve happened if it was a scam.

Bathmate Pump vs Penis Extenders

The only noninvasive devices with any type of medical classification is Bathmate and a few penis extender brands. Something worth noting is that it’s proven that pumps “increase blood inflow directly into the penis” (source).

Both devices work on the same principle but there are major differences like the fact that extenders are a penis stretching mechanism instead.

A penis extender is used with a flaccid penis and the primary use is actual penis length gains, as opposed to Bathmate which helps with overall penis size. Also, Bathmate has other penis enhancement benefits too, like increasing blood flow.

Bathmate provides better circulation to the penis during usage but both devices work on the same premise. The mechanisms of these devices operate similar to how bodybuilding builds muscle. Both penis extender and bathmate expand penile tissue and cause minor tearing.

This tearing signals your body to start new cell growth. The microscopic tears fill up with new cells, resulting in permanent gains over a long time horizon.

What is the difference between permanent and temporary results?

Most men seek permanent results with penis enlargement surgery since it’s the quickest. Penis pumps are only good for as long as you use them.

Don’t expect to use a penis pump for a couple months and double your penis size, it’s not going to happen. With that being said, bathmate gains are real and the majority of the men who use the bathmate report real size gains.

You can achieve permanent results with a penis pump if you plan on pumping regularly for a couple days a week… forever. Lifting weights only gives permanent results if you consistently show up to the gym… forever. There’s not much of a difference.

Should I warm up before pumping?

The most important factors when dealing with unneeded retention are the temperature and the proper rest. It will improve blood circulation in your penis. Performing a warm-up routine effectively reduces fluid retention and helps with recovery after training.

Should I worry about fluid retention?

The vacuum suction mechanism is what causes the increased blood flow, and in-turn causes fluid retention. This isn’t something to freak out about though, it’s pretty normal. The retention of water happens with all penis pumps. As long as you’re regularly cleaning your bathmate, there’s nothing to worry about.

Fluid retention does not increase capacity for erect penis expansion but adds some weight after pumping. The water should be completely dissipated after 24hrs anyway. With that being said, jelqing between pumping sessions can help prevent fluid retention.

One way to avoid fluid retention is to divide up your bathmate sessions with slow squash jelks. During slow squash jelqs, you put one hand on your penis and apply “ok sign” grips the same as if you were jelqing like usual. Press a palm into another palm to press on your dick and exert pressure on your midsection. This allows you to expand your penis in the middle of the shaft.

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