NEWS – Film Star ‘Allen Cumming’ Wants the Foreskin to be with you

Last updated 1/24/2023

Archived from Monday 11th June 2007

Film, television, and stage actor Alan Cumming has declared that he would support NORMUK in honor of National Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day.

Film Star Alan Cumming (Source: Francis Hills Photography)

Our foreskins aren’t a mistake” remarked the X-Men 2, Spy Kids, and Goldeneye actor, who is also a humanitarian and activist who wants people to recognize the significance of this most widely recognized body part. He went on to say, “Circumcision is genital mutilation, so why is it encouraged? I support NORMUK’s efforts to educate and illuminate. May the foreskin be with us and remain with us all!”

Speaking on a male genital study report that appeared in the British Journal of Urology, Alan said that he recognizes the value of NORMUK since the five most delicate penis regions are under the foreskin, which is why many men are undergoing foreskin restoration.

We’re all concerned that men and parents are being coerced into unnecessary surgery without fully understanding the consequences. Some of these consequences relate to the increased demand for penis pumps, as well as the growing obsession with measuring penis size.

There are many low-quality pumps being sold on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay. Some are unsafe, causing young men great harm but NORMUK’s penis pump reviews like the Bathmate Hydromax7 review helps them get a grasp on what took look for and what to avoid.

We will keep voicing our concern regarding the initiative to use male circumcision as a tool to combat the AIDS epidemic. The use of full and partial circumcision as a substitute for using condoms is already being reported.

This approach will worsen the issue rather than solve it, and permanently leaving men with less sensitive genitalia is a serious side effect that should not be disregarded. It’s crazy to think that even identical twin brothers are circumcised differently by parents.

Alan is a frequent reader of NORMUK, and is a supporter of our constant dedication to helping men’s sexual health problems like foreskin restoration, issues with tight foreskin, penis pumps for girth, circumcision alternatives and psychological problems relating to penis size.

The intent of all NORMUK content is to provide knowledge for educational purposes only. It is not meant to be interpreted as medical or legal advice . Always speak with a physician before applying any recommendations seen on NORMUK, or anywhere else on the internet.

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