How a Penis Pump Increases Girth

Last updated 1/24/2023

Although length is typically mentioned when discussing penis size, it’s argued girth enhances sexual intercourse even more. The inability to get an erection when experiencing erectile dysfunction can be alarming. Penis pumps have the capacity to enhance the girth of the penis and help treat erectile dysfunction.

How though, do penis pumps increase penile girth? Penis pumps work by producing a vacuum inside a plastic tube, which pulls blood into the penis, either to initiate or sustain an erection for sexual activity.

Millions are turning to penis pumping for temporary increases in length and girth. Read our latest post to learn how to properly measure penis length and girth. The penis pump was originally designed as an option for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and sexual anxiety.

In studies, the use of penis pumps has not been fully proved to increase penile gynecological length. However, studies suggests that pumps cause the penis gyrus to increase girth. In addition, penile vacuum therapy can be an alternative treatment for the correction of penis curvature and peyronie’s disease.

How do Penis Pumps Increase Girth?

Penis pumps might be suggested as a viable therapeutic option for erectile dysfunction or for penile rehabilitation following prostate surgery. They serve as both a sex toy and a possible penis exerciser.

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Pumps produce a vacuum inside the cylinder using air or water pressure. The suction will constrict the blood vessels and increase blood flow as the body pulls blood into penis causing it to swell inside the pump.

After pumping and taking the penis out of the pump, one can apply a construction ring, also known as a cock ring, to the base of the erection. The ring will maintain the increased blood flow in the erection, extending its duration, toughness, and extra girth despite the appearance that it is having an impact on it.

When performed before sexual activity, with regular and safe penis pumping routine, it’s possible to significantly improve sexual function, treat erectile dysfunction, and lengthen and widen an your erect penis.

How Much Girth Does a Penis Pump Create?

Despite claims made by certain products that frequent penis pumping sessions can result in fantastic penis enlargement results, it takes months to see a visible increase in size. The usual erection size will increase by 1 to 3 inches and receive a 25% boost in thickness, or around 1 inch in circumference following 10 to 12 months routine of regular pumping sessions. The majority of users notice that girth rises faster than length.

When you regularly use a penis pump, you enable your bodies ability to temporarily maintain penile expansion. The penile tissues increase with each pumping session, slightly increasing the erection’s size and strength. While there are many other penis pumps on the market that can have this effect, the ideal penis pump for girth will depend on your size and price range.

The traditional penis pump is a hand-held manual air pump that has a measurement tool built into the cylinder, a vacuum limiter that establishes a limit on the amount of pressure exerted, and a quick-release valve to safely release the erection once it has been achieved. There are also hydro pumps, such as the Bathmate Hydromax series, which use water to apply a gentle yet potent amount of pressure to the penis, as a more expensive alternative.

Are Penis Pump Girth Results Permanent?

There is no scientific agreement or proof that the penis may be permanently lengthened or have penile girth expanded. The only studies done on penis pumps concluded that after roughly 30 minutes of sexual activity, any additional penile enlargement caused by the pump gradually disappears as the penis’ blood flow returns to normal.

However, there are numerous accounts on penis pump reddit posts that claim penis pumps permanently increase girth. Although it may be advertised as giving you a bigger penis, at the end of the day it works best when used to give you a stronger erection. Also to assist people with erectile dysfunction and allow them to maintain success in the bedroom.

As a result, no pumps that advertise themselves as a penis extender or a penis enlargement pump with permanent results are authorized by the FDA or medical professionals to do so.

Doctor-recommended penis pumps for erectile dysfunction are more affordable, risk-free, and non-invasive than alternative sexual medications, penile procedures, and commercially accessible male enhancement drugs and gadgets.

If you want to acquire long-lasting girth effects, a regular pumping program for 10 to 12 months or maybe a year is required to demonstrate changes. However, after pumping the penis for 5 to 15 minutes, it could already be a little bit bigger than a naturally occurring erection. Rest confident that the new girth created by the penis pump may more than satisfy your companion.

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How can I increase my girth with a Penis Pump?

When used properly before and after, penile pumping has been shown to be a perfectly safe workout for penis expansion. The following measures can make pumping easier for a more comfortable experience.

Keep in mind to look in the product handbook for any extra instructions that are particular to the pump.

Don’t Over-Pump or Pump too Often

If your goal is to gain girth fast, longer pumping sessions may be required. However, keep in mind that studies have shown that it takes at most a year for the greatest long-term benefits to become apparent.

The secret to potential girth gains from a penis pump is consistency, not quantity. When the product’s recommended time has passed or if you feel pain or discomfort, stop pumping immediately.

Use excess Lubrication

Never use a pump without lube, whether it be an air pump, an electric pump, or a hydro pump. The additional liquid aids in suction and protects the penis from damage or irritation from the pump.

As the penile tissues expand inside the pump, it also aids in maintaining their moisture. Verify that the lubrication you’re using is safe for the substance of your penile tube.

Shave Your Pubes

The operation of pumping may be hampered by stray pubic hair. The pump’s ability to fully adhere to the crotch may have an impact on its suction. A smooth surface for the pump to grab onto can be made by completely shaving the base of the penis.

It also offers a long number of advantages for penile health, including reducing heat and perspiration in the region and avoiding the development of warts or rashes. Your lover can find a clean-shaven penis to be more beautiful and larger.

The lower area’s absence of hair may also make it more sensitive to physical contact, intensifying the sensations experienced during sexual activity.

Additionally, a small shave can give your penis a larger look – and it can even be done with a small amount of shaved pubic hair.

How to Maintain Girth Gains From Penis Pumps

There are ways to preserve naturally the tiny girth increases from utilizing a penile pump for an erection, even if there is no easy technique to extend the penis permanently.

This is accomplished by eliminating unnecessary body fat and improving blood flow throughout the body, allowing you to engage in sexual activity for longer periods of time or perhaps even help the penile recover from specific medical disorders.

Eat a Well-Rounded Diet

Some foods can help boost blood pressure and testosterone levels, which helps the penis retain its increased weight after pumping. Be sure to eat a diet rich in antioxidants, vitamin D, folate, and spinach as a whole.

Certain meals can include minerals and vitamins that aid the body’s natural production of testosterone and blood flow rise, allowing the penis to sustain its expanded size after pumping. Consume foods like spinach, coffee, watermelon, salmon, and apples that are high in antioxidants, vitamin D, or folates.

Daily Exercise and Workout Frequently

Exercise can increase your stamina, albeit it won’t always result in penile girth the way it would in larger muscles. A consistent and successful fitness program can improve sexual health by improving blood flow, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost self-confidence by promoting a good body image.

Avoid Alcohol and Nicotine

Certain drugs have the potential to suppress an erection by adversely altering blood flow. The occasional drink isn’t the biggest deal in the world, which is why it’s important to practice moderation.

Chemicals introduced by drinking alcohol and smoking nicotine or tobacco reduce the amount of blood and nutrients sent to the organs, including the penis. The blood flow will improve right away if you give up these vices for a few days, protecting and lengthening the benefits of penis pumping.

Are there ways to increase penis girth without pumps?


The date of development of the Jelqing hasn’t been determined but the ancient Arabs might have had an early influence. It is known that many people are trying the Stretch Technique for increased lengths or girth.

Is it true that jelqing increases penis size? Many doctors say, “no”. Grant Stoddard tried judging for three hours and did not notice any changes. The penis pump helps in regulating blood circulation,” he said.


Some men wear a traction device everyday to gradually extend the thereby adding more length and girth. Both of the earlier devices, Andro-Penis and Golden Erect, have survived.

The device may help reduce blood pressure, but a small study from 2014 showed the Andro-Penis had a size of about one-inch longer. Stoddard tested RestoreX – an extension penis for the males who are suffering from Peyronie’s Disease. It doesn’t exist in the United States anymore.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgical procedures may lengthen men’s penis length by cutting ligaments that can help them hang up a bit longer. Naturally there are risks, such as scar tissue and pain in erections. Plus it costs around 9.5K. Research has found that it adds about 1/2 inch, and it often is below expectations. There’s the risk of difficulty in getting an erection after getting penile surgical procedures.

Penuma Penile Lengthening

The Penuma is the first silicone implant to achieve FDA approval for cosmetic penile lenthening. The product is now offered by dozens of clinics in the US. The procedure has resection in the abdomen and involves insertion of implants in a vein that covers a hollow incision under a skin surface.

Dermal Fillers

Having dermal filler in your penis is another method for increasing your girth and increasing your size. Using a girth and length for a routine procedure which can be performed without any downtime.

However, they’ve only been temporary. The longevity of fillers varies depending on the active penis because more movements will increase filler metabolites,” he said. Although you may have a few years left, you’re likely going to need a top off.” Some of the possible complications of using the treatment include swelling, bruising or lumps on the face.


You can be hooked on learning how to indefinitely lengthen your girth and length when trying to remedy erectile dysfunction or enhance sexual wellness. A penis pump is a potential less invasive alternative to penile enlargement surgery even if there are no other direct ways to do this. To make sure you have a penis pump that work, you must first get one from a reliable retailer.

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