What is a Penis Pump? Do They Work?

Last updated 1/30/2023

What Is A Penis Pump?

Having erectile dysfunction is tough, but for the 69.2% of men over 40 (source) who experience it in the US, knowing there are solutions is a relief.

Or, you may feel that your only option is to figuratively “suck it up” if you are one of the many men who are unhappy with the size of their penis.

With so many treatment options—including prescription erectile dysfunction treatments, risky procedures, and specialized medical therapy for fundamental problems or long-term treatment.

It can be challenging to understand the distinctions and decide which is best for your sexual health.

Let’s learn what a penis pump is, and examine how other erectile dysfunction treatments stack up.

What are Penis Pumps?

A penis pump is often referred to as a vacuum device, plastic tube pump or vacuum erection device (VED). It’s made of a plastic chamber into which the penis is put and a pump that is driven by either a hand or battery.

You’ll regain erectile function since the vacuum pump boosts blood flow to the penis. The erection may then be kept during intercourse by wearing a constriction ring (also known as a cock ring) around the penis.

Penis pumps are occasionally used as sex toys during foreplay on a strictly recreational basis.

Others are given a penis pump by their doctor, as an erectile dysfunction aid. Additionally, there are several types that exist such as water penis pump and air penis pumps.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Yes, penis pumps do work. However, penis pumps are extensively advertised as penis enlarging tools.

They can certainly aid in erection onset but this is only a short-term solution; they do not permanently enlarge the penis.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

In the same sense that going to the gym doesn’t provide permanent muscle gains.

Results require years of consistent use, and even then it’s not guaranteed.

Despite the hoopla surrounding penis pumps, many of the claimed health advantages are unproven.

However, there are plenty of studies that show FDA approved penis pumps work as ED aid by improving erectile function.

Therefore, making progress with a penis pump requires patience.

Your penis can briefly expand past its largest size using a penis pump. It’s great news because you can use a penis pump frequently. Some individuals use a penile pump routine as part of their regular daily or weekly regimen.

Do Penis Pumps Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Treat? No. Can penis pumps aid in erectile dysfunction treatment? Yes! Penis pumps can aid with erection assistance and erection maintenance. They also provide a nice boost to your self-confidence in the bedroom.

Do Penis Pump Treat Erectile Dysfunction?
Device For Siphoning Air From Pumping Tube

Worldwide, erectile dysfunction affects millions of men and has a variety of causes. You might try using a penile pump to get an erection if you have erectile dysfunction.

Even if you are unable to erection hard on your own, the pump can help you get one that is stronger.

Penis pumps can also extend the duration of your intercourse. Premature ejaculation may be treated with it.

You can increase your stamina and learn to regulate your level of arousal by using a pump, which will enable you to stay in bed longer.

Why Try a Penis Pump?

A penis pump can boost your self-esteem and assist you in overcoming any sexual anxieties you may experience.

Additionally, a pump can enhance your general sexual wellness and can intensify your erections! Win-win situation.


To give your penis a boost in girth, use a penis pump. Your penis may be somewhat stretched by the pump’s suction, this is normal.

Why Try A Penis Pump?

Most men love the feeling since it feels good, makes their penis a thicker and engorged with blood.

Last Longer

Using a penis pump can enable you to stay in bed longer. You are allowed to keep the pump running for up to 20 minutes after getting an erection. Your erection will continue throughout a sexual experience thanks to the pump’s suction causing increased bloodflow.


It’s a terrific feeling, obtaining a longer, harder erection than you usually get. It’s possible to lengthen your erection by one to even two inches with enough time (years) and consistency.

More blood vessels are drawn into your penis by the pump’s suction, which makes a bigger and harder erection sufficient.

Are Penis Pumps Better Than Other ED Treatments?

To be sure, you should speak with a doctor to determine whether ED vacuum devices are the best course of action for you. The fact is, a lot of erectile dysfunction treatments work. But what’s the best ED treatment?

Using penile pumps alone is probably not enough as a long-term treatment, despite the fact that some doctors think they may be advantageous in most situations when compared to some ED medications or severe operations.

The majority of experts concur that penile pumps work best when used in conjunction with effective treatments for erectile dysfunction that address its underlying causes.

However, there are certain disadvantages to a penis pump that should be carefully examined. Penis pumps need to be prepared, so you can’t be as impulsive as you’d want.

Additionally, using a penis pump with a partner who isn’t accustomed to seeing one may take some getting used to. If you’re having sex with a penis ring on, doctors advise not going above 30 minutes.

Penis Pump Safety and Risks

It’s important to keep in mind that using penis pumps has a danger of harm. For instance, the penis might be harmed if the pump is overly tight.

In addition, the tissue may become harmed if you keep it on for too long. Immediately take off the pump if you suffer any pain or discomfort while wearing it.

Using a penile pump also carries the danger of degrading sensitivity. If you use the pump for a sufficient amount of time, you might not be able to experience an orgasm when engaging in sex naturally. In this case, you need to cease using the pump.

In general, using a penile pump is risk-free. However, if you have any bleeding, redness, or other injury-related symptoms, you should get medical help. In addition, if you believe the pump is the reason of your lack of sensitivity, you should see a doctor.

Never share your penis pump with anybody for your own safety. This makes it crucial to use personal lubricants and to clean the pump after each usage because you might catch STDs in this method. Additionally, it’s crucial that you avoid using the pump if you have an injury to your penis or a disease that impairs blood flow.

Some negative side effects of penis pumps include:

  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Sensation of imprisoned sperm
  • Red dot (petechiae)
  • Numb penis
  • Blue skin discoloration as a result of constriction

Additionally, because the base of the penis doesn’t feel as solid, some men claim that their erections don’t feel normal.


How well do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pumps definitely work. However, results are not permanent. A penis pump can only temporarily grow your penis, unless you’re using it consistently for a year or two.

You may use a penis pump frequently which is wonderful news. Some people incorporate the usage of a penis pump into their daily regimen.

Should I use a Penis Pump With an Erection?

You may indeed use a penile pump while having an erection. But you should use caution. If you use a cylinder-style penis pump, you could find it difficult to keep pumping while having an erection.

You might want to let your erection fade before using the pump again. It’s much simpler to utilize a vacuum-style pump when having an erection. Just be sure you’re lying down comfortably. To make it more comfortable, you could wish to sit on a pillow.

Should tell my partner I’m using a penis pump?

You shouldn’t feel nervous, these days, penis pumps are fairly common and have no bad reputation. It is a sex toy that both partners enjoy using. However, plenty of people use a penis pump in secret.

Why do people like Penis Pumps?

A penis pump may help people with sex problems keep their erection strong for longer periods of time. Penis pumps are useful for ED. It makes it easier and safer to use them for non-medical purposes. The length may be a little longer or a bit taller.

Should I talk to my doctor about a penis pump?

You should consult a doctor for a list of symptoms of erectile disorders. Sometimes a problem with erectile dysfunction is a recurrent problem and should be treated. If you have an autoimmune or reproductive problem, you may require the advice of the Urology Clinic or a doctor. A doctor can perform a physical exam that usually includes checking sex of the genital areas and various organs.

How can I choose a penis pump?

There are only a few FDA approved penis pumps, so consult your physician before buying. You should ask your doctor about the best possible treatment. It will suit your requirements and is manufactured by a trusted manufacturer.

Penis pumps are not safe and may have negative effects online. Check the panne pump with the vacuum limiter, this prevents the pressure from gaining so much pressure and can damage you.

Before using penis pumps, you can trim or cut pubic hair around your penis to avoid catching the penis.

What to look for in a penis pump?

There’s a ton of different factors to consider before buying a penis pump. We have an entire product review page dedicated to penis pumps, and this is the criteria we use when deciding how good a pump is.

Different Size Penis Pumps
Bathmate Hydromax Pictured – Medically Classified Hydropump (Water Based)

You can also look at the Bathmate Hydromax7 review for an example of how we implement this criteria. We analyze the following of each product we review:

  • Value For Money
  • Safety
  • Ease Of Use
  • Quality Materials


The use of Penis pumps is often misinterpreted. The rubber rings are more durable when used with a rubber band for the maintenance of erection. But do not make your penis grow over time.

Although people who suffer ED benefit from utilizing penis pumps, most often they’re used for entertainment. Other players have used penis pumps to play dominance or submission. Similarly, some enjoy the bigger volume created by suction.

The intent of all NORMUK content is to provide knowledge for educational purposes only. It is not meant to be interpreted as medical or legal advice . Always speak with a physician before applying any recommendations seen on NORMUK, or anywhere else on the internet.