How to Measure Penis Size (Length and Girth)

Last updated 12/3/2022

Have you ever used a ruler or tape measure to measure your penis?

It goes without saying that most guys have likely performed this act at some point in their past, perhaps several times.

Contrary to popular belief, measuring penis size is really a rather widespread practice, whether done out of boredom or genuine interest.

Did you measure your penis correctly though?

Some guys may have a different experience at this point. While some guys measure well, there are those who could have inaccurate measurements and gotten false measures as a consequence.

Realistically, you’re probably one of them.

Your sexual health depends heavily on knowing your measurements. It can have a huge impact such as picking right condom size. It can even affect more precise sexual health issues for conditions like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie’s disease.

If you don’t correctly measure, it’s possible your condom doesn’t fit and you have the same risk for sexually transmitted infections as someone who has unprotected sex.

So grab your flaccid penis and a tape measure / measuring tape because it’s time to learn your penis measurements. We’ll teach you how to measure length and penis girth. Let’s talk about how to measure your penis properly, but first lets see how you stack up to the average penis size.

Does Penis Size Matter?

If you’re wondering whether a smaller than average penis can carry out the same tasks as a larger one the answer is no, it doesn’t matter. It’s just like shoe size. There’s almost no difference between the function of these two penis sizes.

Here are the results from a BJU International Medical Researchers study on the average penis sizes of over 15,000 males that revealed:

  • The flaccid length of a penis is around 3.6 inches or 9.16 cm.
  • 3.66 inches is the circumference of a flaccid penis.
  • The average penis length is about 5.16 inches.
  • The average erect penis girth is around 4.59 inches.

If you’re like most men, you might be shocked by the actual penis length average, or just the average size in general, and may even doubt the average penis study mentioned. This is most likely caused by how watching porn has changed how we perceive our own penis size, as well as the the average length and average girth.

There’s no need to worry either if your main goal is to please a woman. Although a study found that women said they prefer a 6.3 inch penis erect length, the clitoris and G-spot, the part of a woman’s body most sexually stimulating—can be easily accessed without a large penis.

It may sound cliché, but the handling of your package has a greater impact on your level of sexual partner satisfaction than does its typical length. Motion of the ocean!

Is Properly Measuring Important?

Let’s get to the subject right away: Yes. It is important to measure penis length correctly.

Penile length isn’t important for attention or as a status symbol for healthy sex. When you visit the convenience shop, an accurate reading helps when choosing the appropriate condom size.

In the throes of sexual activity, a condom that is smaller than your penis may become excessively tight. When the rush of blood and hormones run wild, this sensation of pain may be enough to make you want to remove it.

On the other side, a condom that is too big for your penis size may come off too soon or rip in the heat of the moment.

In both situations, you’re putting your sexual partner’s health and sexual satisfaction in danger.

Obtaining a precise assessment is crucial for another reason: if the size is off, your doctor can diagnose your sexual health issue wrong.

It’s vital to acquire an exact reading to avoid misleading any medical expert with false information, especially with disorders like Peyronie’s disease (which affects only men, 1 in 100 to be exact, and causes a penis smaller than average penile length as a result of the buildup of scar tissues). If you do have this sexual health condition, it’s important you seek professional medical advice from a board certified urologist.

How to Correctly Measure Your Penis Length

Avoid believing sexual health myths that claim you can determine someone’s penis length by looking at their ethnicity, the depth of their voice, or shoe size. It has been established that there is no scientific basis for the association between these variables and the average erect penis size.

It goes without saying that to measure your penis we’re talking about your erect penis length. It’s the best and only way to estimate its size is to do so, so make sure your penis is erect before you measure your penis.

The proper method to measure penis length is as follows:

  1. Grab a ruler or measuring tape.
  2. Start by positioning the tip of the stick on your penis.
  3. From the penis head, down the shaft, and finally to the tip of your pubic bone, take a straight measurement.
  4. Push aside any extra fat or pubic hair that could be in the way, and avoid pressing the pubic bone.
  5. Take an accurate measurement at the pubic bone and record it. Your actual measurement is that.

As was said above, the procedure is pretty simple and is thought to be the most accurate technique to gauge the average man’s erect penis.

By stopping to take the measurement just before you reach your pubic bone, you avoid leaving the measurement up to interpretation.

How to Accurately Measure Your Erect Penis Girth

Contrary to the approach described above, using a straight line ruler will not give you an accurate estimate of your girth measurement. To take the reading, a tape measure is required since a ruler only measures in a straight line.

How to measure penis girth is as follows:

  1. Grab a flexible tape measure.
  2. It should be wrapped around the penis shaft’s midsection.
  3. Measure where the two tapes contact.
  4. Additionally, some condom producers spec their goods based on the length or breadth of the penis.
  5. Get your girth measurement first, and then simply divide that number by 3.14 to determine it.

Why Does My Penis Appear Shorter Than It Is?

Your penis will appear shorter than it actually is if you’re obese or storing belly fat. This is because naturally, humans store excess fat in the ‘fat pad’ above the penis. It’s an evolutionary feature (not a bug) against freezing cold weather to preserve testicle function. The downside is that it makes your visible penis appear smaller.

To get the accurate measurement, push past the fat pad when you measure your penis size. This shouldn’t be hard, you’ll know when you hit your pubic bone because it’s a clear stopping point.

The study found that obese men’s penis, measured from the penile tip to the pubic bone, averaged 5.6 inches in length.

However, the actual length of the erect penis shaft seems to be 4.9 inches when measured from the penis tip to the skin over the pubic bone.

This research demonstrates how having extra fat around the penis might make it look smaller.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this. You can engage in the following actions to enhance your way of life if you have sexual issues and are obese:

  • Improve your diet;
  • Have sex more often;
  • Cardio and Exercise frequently;
  • Consider erectile dysfunction treatment such as FDA approved penis pumps or other ED medications;
  • Consult a sexual health professional for medical advice.


Medical researchers have determined that the average erect length is about 5.16 inches, while the average erect girth is around 4.59 inches. Belly fat can make your penis size appear smaller than it actually is due to the fat pad.

It’s important to measure length and girth properly for sexual health when looking at condom manufacturers sizing and to avoid sexually transmitted infections. Dealing with a loose condom during sexual activity often results in unplanned unprotected sex. Finally, getting an accurate reading when you measure is imperative if you plan to use an FDA approved penis pump for erectile dysfunction and increased blood flow. The pump won’t work as intended all if it’s too big or too small for your current penis size.

The intent of all NORMUK content is to provide knowledge for educational purposes only. It is not meant to be interpreted as medical or legal advice . Always speak with a physician before applying any recommendations seen on NORMUK, or anywhere else on the internet.

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