Beginners Guide: How to Use a Penis Pump

Last updated 2/16/2023

According to impotence research, millions of men experience erectile dysfunction (source) every year. ED can be a consequence of heart disease, medical operation, prostate cancer or just getting older.

Fortunately, there are several therapy options accessible to help men lead normal sex lives with a healthier erection.

Prescribed medications, injections, and invasive surgical treatments are just a few of the treatment options. There are other non-invasive treatments like penis pumps that can be bought over-the-counter.

Penis pumps are one of the most popular ED treatment options for a reason. They’re “a lower-cost ED treatment” (source) compared to the majority of pharmaceutical choices like Viagra or Cialis.

Using a penis pump is an excellent alternative for men who don’t want to worry about the adverse effects of more intrusive therapies. They help men maintain a normal sex life and are a legitimate penile rehabilitation technique.

We’ve received many questions about pumps, mostly from men nervous about starting, so let’s get into how to use a penis pump to help treat erectile dysfunction.

Penis Pump Overview

A penis pump is a tube placed over the penis to increase blood flow. It’s medically referred to as a ‘penile vacuum device’ because air pressure is created by siphoning air from the tube.

It’s typically used as a part of a daily or weekly routine, or to prepare for sexual intercourse. For a in-depth explanation, read our recent What is a Penis Pump post.

How to Use Penis Pump

How To Use a Penis Pump
How To Use
  1. Before starting, trim or shave pubic hair at the base of the penis.
  2. Apply lubricant to create an air-tight seal between the pump and skin at the base.
  3. Place your penis into the tube with care.
  4. Start manually pumping or turn on the pump (if battery operated).
  5. Keep pressure consistent for up to 15 minutes if you’re a beginner. Advanced users can use the pump longer.
  6. Release the pressure after time has passed.
  7. Remove your penis from the tube.
Penis Pump Demonstration

After you carefully remove the pump, use some lubricant to slide a constriction band down the length of the penis.

To keep the erection engorged, use a penis ring at the base of the shaft.

Why remove pubic hair? You’ll want to trim or shave for better suction and to prevent hair from being pulled while inside.

All pumps are a little bit unique depending on their manufacturer. Therefore, be sure to read all supplied directions to determine how to use your specific model.

According to anecdotal reports, a penis may remain erect for 30 minutes to an hour, however the exact time varies depending on the person. In the end, it depends on how severe the user’s erectile dysfunction, aka ‘pasta penis‘, is and whether they have any other illnesses, like diabetes or heart disease.

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

Penis pumps work by changing air pressure inside the tube, forcing blood to move to the penis. Air is siphoned from the tube by a manual hand or battery-powered pump to create a vacuum.

The outward pressure of the vacuum initiates penile engorgement via blood vessels circulation, resulting in increased erectile function and temporary penis size. Penis pumping is an excellent alternative to erectile dysfunction prescription medication.

A penis pump is also a fun and therapeutic method compared to the other treatment options available. The majority of men who use a penis pump regain erection function, increase blood flow, and temporarily increase penis girth and length.

How Long to Use a Penis Pump

Time And Frequency for Use

As a beginner, you should only use a penis pump for 15 minutes every 2-3 days. Start by taking it slow, your body will need time to adjust to the pressure being introduced.

Pay special attention to how your penis responds. As you get more experience, you can slowly increase frequency and duration.

Oftentimes, men get too optimistic with extreme penis pump routines and end up injuring their penis. Some so-called “experts” on various forums suggest to use a pump multiple times per day but its better to safe than sorry.

Keep an eye on any negative side effects so you know when to take a break. If you have any questions regarding special situations, feel free to contact us.

What are the Risks Associated with Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are a non-invasive treatment option without many risks or adverse effects. However, there are a couple things you ought to watch out for:

  • Any feeling of numbness or blueness of the skin.
  • Constricting band could be too constrictive, use it for no more than 30 minutes. Immediately take off the band if you experience numbness or chilly skin.
  • Bruising while using a pump could be a sign that you’re pumping for too long or not using it correctly.
  • Red marks can appear on the skin at the base of the penis. Bleeding under the skin’s surface could be the source of this. If you have any concerns, stop using and see a doctor.

Men on blood thinners shouldn’t be using a penis pump as severe bruising can occur. Additionally, the use of penis pumps is unlikely to result in balanitis. However, it’s a possible outcome if you are allergic to a material within the pump.

What to Consider When Buying a Pump

Penis pumps can be purchased over the counter, online, and in a variety of specialty shops. Some of these pumps lack Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification so there may be a greater chance of harm or ineffectiveness as a result of improper use.

Pumping using a water penis pump is safer and more effective than an electric one. Also, a vacuum device limiter is one safety precaution to look for in a penis pump.

Water Pumps Safer Than Electric Penis Pump
Water Pumps Safer Than Electric Penis Pump

Water and device limiters prevent vacuum pressure from building up to a dangerous level and damaging the penis. Another thing to think about is the constriction ring.

The use of a ring that is too tight or too loose can both be painful and inefficient. It is crucial to buy the right pump for your situation, be sure you know how to measure penis size properly.

Our recent Bathmate Hydromax 7 reviews highlight examples of medically approved penis pumps. There aren’t many on the market, so it’s important to pick carefully.

Men with a prescription though, will be guaranteed to get an erectile dysfunction therapy with FDA approval. Obtaining a penile pump with a doctor’s prescription is one of the easiest methods to do so.

Furthermore, the majority of insurance companies will cover the cost of a recommended penis pump.

Is it necessary to buy a penile pump?

There are a few DIY Penis Pump tutorials out there, but nothing is a replacement for a safe FDA approved penis pump.

Penis enlargement devices are available online without prescription. Talk to your doctor so you fully understand what ED treatments are available, and this will help narrow down the choices available.


Penis pumps are one of the few non-medication methods for helping to treat erectile dysfunction. They are widely regarded as being safe to use. With that being said, men prescribed medication for blood thinners or blood pressure can be at risk.

Discuss your situation with your doctor to see if a penis pump is appropriate for you. Check out our reviews for pumps to avoid. It’s crucial to choose penis pumps that have received FDA approval and are intended to help ED.

The intent of all NORMUK content is to provide knowledge for educational purposes only. It is not meant to be interpreted as medical or legal advice . Always speak with a physician before applying any recommendations seen on NORMUK, or anywhere else on the internet.

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